About Us

The world's premier pop culture tattoo tour is now the world first pop culture tattoo app. 
GeeksterInk is a social network dedicated to uniting pop culture fans from all over the world.

Available for iOS and Android, a pop culture tattoo is one of the ultimate expressions of a beloved fandom.  Along
with cosplay, fan art, and collectibles, the GeeksterInk app gives fans the chance to find like-minded individuals
and the comic convention experience fans crave from anywhere in the world.  Get all the info you wantin one place
from customized fan feeds on our social network; news, stories, photos and videos, brought to you by the community
of fans of pop culture and tattoos.


GeeksterInk has a global audience of over



Events and counting


Enter contests to see whose pop culture tattoo really is the best.


Scour the bazaar for the last comic book missing from a complete set.


Explore forums to get feedback on a new cosplay.


Find new members for a virtual DnD campaign.
All this and more with GeeksterInk, where fandom and family collide

GeeksterInk - #FandomandFamily.